Step Two - Taping

Now you’re going to want to start applying double-sided tape to the dull side of your piece of aluminum foil. Apply enough to ensure it sticks, but no need to overdo it, either. Then, carefully stick your foil onto the carboard panel. Do this as nicely as possible, but remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! You can also use spray adhesive instead of double-sided tape for this step, if you prefer.

Charger - Taping FoilCharger - Taped FoilCharger - Apply Foil


Charger - Assembled FoilCharger - Blacklight FixtureSo now you’ve got two pieces, a “charger” and a light, which look like the ones pictured to the left. So far, really easy!

All we have left to do now is put these two parts together. The cardboard/foil side will be “wrapped” as a refelector around the blacklight fixture.


Charger TapeStep Three - Attaching the Charger

There are a few ways of doing this. Black industrial- grade adhesive velcro holds best, and creates a very professional-looking finished project. But we’re using household items right now, so duct tape it is!

For a classy look, black duct tape is a great idea. For the sake of these pictures, we chose the classic silver color so you can see clearly what we’ve done.

Run a strip attaching the charger to the bottom of theCharger Tape Complete fixture, foil side in. Then fold the charger over like the letter “U”, and tape the other end of the charger to the other lip of the lamp. This will create a reflective, cylindrical enclosure around the bulb.

When the light is turned on, and a stick is dipped into the “chamber”, the light reflections in the foil will charge the stick instantly from all directions. The enclosure also serves the purpose of muting the ambient light from the blacklight, so it doesn’t interfere with the light from your sticks.


Charger CompleteAnd that’s all it takes! We told you it was simple!

Just lean it against your floor tom, or whatever is easiest or most preferable for you. Just like that, you’ve got a holster that instantly charges your Hiptrix Drumsticks. Submerge the sticks for an instant, remove them, and you’re all set!

You can, of course, tinker with these same ideas to come up with your own custom charger designs. Keep safety in mind!

Remember that even though blacklights are designed safely, and don’t overheat when running properly, blacklights can, in rare occurrences, overheat. The materials used in this how-to are not fire treated! Again, we’re not responsible for injury or damage to property resulting from your experiences with this project! Use common sense, monitor the light when in use, and unplug the blacklight when you’re done with it!


Blacklight Drumsticks ChargerHere’s a variant design, featuring a more professional look. Instead of cardboard, we substituted a vinyl-type material from a science surplus store. Instead of using Aluminum Foil, we used a thin silver mylar, and then attached the charger to the light using black velcro. Although the end result is quite slick looking, it must be noted that a cardboard/foil charger is actually more sensible, and just as effective.

However you choose to charge, good luck, and if you create something cool, feel free to let us know of your success, or send some pics our way! We’d love to see!

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