drumstick charging - sunlight The Sun:
If you’re looking for the easiest, most affordable way to charge your sticks, simply
bring them outside, exposing them to the sun. Make sure the entire surface of the
sticks can absorb the sun’s rays. The more sunlight they absorb, the longer and
brighter they’ll glow. The only issue with the sun is, of course, that it’s only available
for use during daylight hours, but your neighbors might thank you for it!

drumstick charging - blacklight Blacklight Fixture:
The best way to charge your Hiptrix Drumsticks, and our highest recommendation,
is a fluorescent blacklight tube fixture. These lights are readily available at party
stores, many big box stores, online, and here at our online store. Simply expose each
and every inch of your sticks closely to the blacklight, and the sticks will respond
by glowing like crazy. It’s that simple, as seen in the video below left.

drumstick charging - UV flashlight The Hiptrix Quick-Charge UV Flashlight:
This sleek, handy, and affordable LED flashlight is the quickest and easiest way to
charge your Hiptrix Glow-in-the-Dark Drumsticks while on-the-go. The video below
and to the right will show you exactly how it works. Please see our CHARGING CHART
for specifics on how well the Quick-Charge UV Flashlight works with each of our
various colors. The Hiptrix Quick-Charge UV Flashlight is available from several of
our dealers, as well as here at our online store.

drumstick charging - fluorescent light Fluorescent Light Fixture and Fluorescent Light Bulbs:
These light fixtures, as found in office and some home lighting, can deliver mixed
results. Although not ideal, these lights can provide satisfactory results. Each
color features it’s own properties, so the results will vary with this sort of lighting.
See our CHARGING CHART for more details on exactly what to expect from this
type of lighting.

drumstick charging - lightbulb Incandescent or “Edison” Light Bulbs:
Although these lights can be used with limited success, we do not recommend
using this sort of light to charge Hiptrix Drumsticks. The ultraviolet content of these
bulbs is not high enough to effectively power our glowing sticks. If this is the only light
source you have available, we recommend our Orange Hiptrix Drumsticks, which will
give satisfactory results under this type of light.