How do Hiptrix Drumsticks work?

Hiptrix Drumsticks emit an incredible amount of colored light without the need for cords, bulbs, or batteries. To do this, they need to be "charged." To "charge" the sticks, they must simply be exposed to a light source.

Once the sticks have absorbed light, they'll glow. Basically, the sticks absorb ultraviolet "power" from light, and then release it back out in the form of glow, so to speak. It's very easy!

Hiptrix sticks will recharge over and over again, for years to come. This, combined with their amazing playability and low price, makes them an incredible tool and a great investment.

Instructions, tips, and brief instructional videos can be found in the "Tips and Tricks" area of this site.


What's the best way to "charge" Hiptrix Drumsticks?

You do not need any special equipment or lights to use Hiptrix sticks. The glow can be powered by first exposing them to most any light source, some more effective than others.

Hiptrix Drumsticks can be charged over and over, almost indefinitely.

Light containing more ultraviolet (UV) content will be most effective. It's this ultraviolet light that activates Hiptrix sticks.

Fluorescent light bulbs and fixtures, which are commonly used as home and office lighting, will work pretty well to charge the sticks. During the day, the sun can even be used as a highly effective charging source. This simple CHART explains which lights work best.

For best results, we do highly recommend the use of fluorescent UV Blacklight for charging. The best example of this is a standard 18" Blacklight tube fixure, available in most party stores, such as Spencer Gifts, many department stores, as well as here at www.hiptrix.com.

For charging while on-the-go, we also offer the "Quick-Charge UV Flashlight," a compact, high-intensity LED flashlight. This product can be purchased from our online store right here at www.hiptrix.com

Be sure to visit our "Tips and Tricks" area for more, including simple instructional videos!


What sizes are Hiptrix Drumsticks available in?

Hiptrix Drumsticks are available in two sizes: 5A and 2B.

At this point we do not offer other sizes, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. We do feel strongly that the great-playing new Hiptrix 5A and 2B designs can be adapted by and enjoyable to most any drummer, regardless of personal size preference. Hiptrix Drumsticks were not designed to replace your favorite great playing wood drumsticks, but to compliment them as a great-playing synthetic supplement in your drumming arsenal.

Regardless of size preference, we're confident you'll enjoy either our Hiptrix 5A or 2B Drumstick.


Will the sticks ever chip, break, or lose their glow?

Hiptrix Drumsticks are highly durable, and outlast wood sticks many times over. We're not saying they won't ever break, but they can certainly take a rigorous beating!

As with any stick, small dents and divots will appear gradually after long hours of rigorous play. That's normal. These small divots, however, do NOT affect the overall glow of the stick.

Also, the glow will last for many, many years. As long as you have a light source to charge them with, Hiptrix Drumsticks will shine bright for years to come.


What are the sticks made of?

Hiptrix Drumsticks are synthetic sticks, made from an incredibly durable compound designed to be light and rigid, and glow far brighter and longer than anything out there. Years of development have seen to it that you won't find a better glowing drumstick out there anywhere.


Just how bright are Hiptrix Drumsticks?

Hiptrix Glow-in-the-Dark Drumsticks are The World's Brightest. What does this mean? Well, it means that every one of our colors glows many times brighter, and many times longer than any other Glow-in-the-Dark Drumstick ever produced.

While all of our colors are exceptionally awe-inspiring, the traditional green color is, for the record, still our brightest and longest-lasting color.


What are the individual glow specs for each Hiptrix color?

A full, comprehensive color comparison chart can be found HERE.

Each of our colors are The World's Brightest, and can be recharged again and again for years to come.


Where can I purchase Hiptrix Glowing Percussion products?

Hiptrix Drumsticks are available for direct purchase from our "Store" and through authorized dealers.

To find a local dealer, or a dealer who'll ship to you, please visit our 'Find Dealers' page. If you're having trouble, email us, and we'll do our best to assist you.

Hiptrix Drumsticks are becoming available at more and more stores worldwide. Ask your local retailer to find out if they carry Hiptrix Drumsticks, and if they don't, tell them to get on board!


Are Hiptrix Drumsticks available outside of the United States?

Yes! Our dealer list is expanding to include more and more quality international stores, as well as a variety of internet sites that will deliver around the world.

If you're having trouble finding an authorized dealer to fit your needs, contact us with your specific inquiry at info@hiptrix.com


Does Hiptrix offer special bulk rates for Drumlines and Performance Groups?

Hiptrix is proud to offer special rates for group artists, etc. If you're part of a quality Drumline, Performance Art Group, Theater Group, Drum and Bugle Corp., etc., please contact us for direct pricing information and/or info on possible affiliations or sponsorships.

We'll expect to see proof of your group affiliation before a group bulk rate purchase can be made.


Please direct any other questions to: info@hiptrix.com